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Active Planning Board Projects

Below you will find details on upcoming Planning Board projects.

130 Ridgecrest Road Subdivision

Consideration of Preliminary and Final Subdivision Approval for the proposed subdivision of 130 Ridgecrest Road. The proposal includes subdividing the 9.5+/- acre parcel into four lots, with Lots 1 and 2 intended for sale as building lots, Lot 3 containing the existing residence at 130 Ridgecrest Road, and a triangular lot to be consolidated with an adjacent parcel (tax parcel no. 45.-1-2.2). The proposal also includes the subdivision of a small strip of land from tax parcel no 45.-1-2.2 that fronts on Chase Lane to be consolidated with Lots 1 and 2 to provide road frontage for the lots off Chase Lane. This is an Unlisted Action under the State Environmental Quality Review Act and is subject to environmental review. Ira Goldstein and Tessa Sage Flores, Owners/Applicants.

Application Material

RaNic Golf Course Modifications

Consideration of a sketch plan for the proposed modifications to the RaNic Golf Club, located at 189 Pleasant Grove Road. The project involves renovating the existing golf course and redeveloping portions of it with new hospitality and housing accommodations. Specific project elements in the Town of Ithaca include removing the tennis courts to construct attached townhouses, constructing two new vehicular entrances from Hanshaw Road, constructing townhomes on the existing golf driving range, preserving and repurposing an existing farmhouse and barn on Warren Road into a hotel-managed guest rental and event space, constructing additional hotel-managed guest houses across Warren Road, and other improvements. The project will require a rezoning of the property into a Planned Development Zone. This is a Type I Action under the State Environmental Quality Review Act and is subject to environmental review. Sean and Jennifer Whittaker, Owners/Applicants; STREAM Collaborative – Noah Demarest, Agent.

Application Material – Sketch Plan

Upcoming Projects