Agricultural and Farmland Protection Plan

“The Town of Ithaca recognizes that agriculture is an integral part of the Town’s economy and environment, provides locally grown food and other agricultural products, and enhances the quality of life for Town residents. The Town proactively promotes a diversity of farm types, seeks the long-term preservation of the Town’s agricultural-land resources, supports the economic viability of the farming community and the profitability of each farm, values the local public agricultural research and educational resources, and encourages the general public to understand and support local agriculture.”

Above is the Vision Statement that was developed for the Town of Ithaca’s Agricultural and Farmland Protection Plan.  This Plan outlines specific goals, recommendations and implementation steps that will help achieve this vision.  The Plan also includes background information on agriculture in the Town along with existing agricultural resources, maps, and other pertinent information.  The Plan was adopted by the Town of Ithaca Town Board and the Tompkins County Agriculture and Farmland Protection Board in November 2011. 

A copy of the Plan is available here, or paper copies can be obtained from the Town of Ithaca Planning Department, 215 N. Tioga Street, Ithaca, NY. 

For more information, please contact Michael Smith, Environmental Planner at 607-273-1747