Agricultural Zoning

The Town of Ithaca’s Agricultural Zone currently contains approximately 4,235 acres (24% of the total zoning). The purpose of the Agricultural Zone is to ass

ure a proper economic and physical environment for continued agricultural use of land and other nonextractive natural resource land uses; to maintain an open rural character to viable agricultural areas; to assure compatible types and densities of development on lands that are usable for agricultural pursuits; and to minimize other land uses incompatible with farming. 

The Agricultural Zone does include a specific “right-to-farm” provision (Section 270-39 of Town Code).  The provision is to help warn landowners in the Agricultural Zone that the primary intention of the zone is to permit sound agricultural practices. 

Article VI – AgriculturalZone – Section 270-25

Current Zoning Map (2012)

Right-to-Farm Brochure