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Sustainability Goals

The Town of Ithaca, under the direction of Supervisor Bill Goodman and the Town Board, will carry out a sustainability planning process, with five focus areas and eleven goals.

Focus Areas

  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory
  • Climate Action Planning
  • Comprehensive Planning
  • Resolutions
  • Public Education and Engagement


  1. Evaluate and assess baseline energy conditions
  2. Recommend quantifiable greenhouse gas emissions targets
  3. Recommend goals for reducing energy demand
  4. Recommend renewable energy options for Town operations
  5. Recommend recycling and waste reduction strategies with Town facilities and among residents
  6. Promote climate protection strategies through land use planning
  7. Promote a green economy
  8. Educate and involve the public
  9. Commit to an evolving process while building sustainability into long-term goals and planning processes
  10. Document the process
  11. Develop and implement a Town employee education/outreach program