South Hill Traditional Neighborhood Development (TND)

Preliminary plan for the South Hill TND.  Geoff Dyer, Nathan Norris, and Howard Blackson.

The South Hill traditional neighborhood development (TND) project is an initiative to create a regulating plan — a special master zoning and development plan — to guide future growth in a ±170 acre area around the intersection of Danby Road and King Road East/West, just south of Ithaca College.

The 2014 Town of Ithaca Comprehensive Plan envisions traditional neighborhood development (TND) — compact, human scaled, mixed use neighborhoods where residential, commercial and civic spaces are within walking distance of each other — in emerging growth areas close to major employers and centers of activity.  One of these growth areas is centered on the crossroads of Danby Road and King Road, only two miles south of downtown Ithaca (city).

The South Hill TND regulating plan is the first project under the New Neighborhood Code, the Town’s framework for designing and building comfortable, walkable, and sustainable new neighborhoods.

Progress to date

On October 25, 26, and 27, 2021, the Town of Ithaca held a virual charrette.  A professional design team with years of experience planning successful traditional neighborhood development projects came to Ithaca to tour the area, visit the site, and meet with Town officials and staff, property owners and business people in the planning area, area residents, community and environmental leaders, and other stakeholders.  The knowledge gained from their time in Ithaca, extensive background research, the vision of the Town's Comprehensive Plan, and the neighborhood planning standards in the New Neighborhood Code, informed the design of a preliminary concept plan.  The design team introduced the preliminary concept, shown in the header image, at a presentation on the night of October 27.

South Hill New Neighborhood Charrette: concept presentation

What happens next?

The South Hill TND regulating plan project is now in the last stage of the pre-application process: late concept review.

The design team will be fine tuning the concept plan through November. When they're done, they'll present a more polished version of the development concept, along with a concept for a regulating plan. The regulating plan will show the location of new zoning districts that allow certain types of buildings and uses, streets and sidewalks, parks and trails, and other neighborhood features.

Town staff and officials will have the opportunity to review, discuss, and suggest changes, so the concept follows the New Neighborhood Code, meets the goals of the Town's Comprehensive Plan, adequately addresses stakeholder concerns, and reflects best planning and placemaking practice.

After the final pre-application stage, a regulating plan proposal may be submitted to the Town for formal review and decision making. Environmental review (SEQR) also happens as a part of the formal review process.

South Hill TND charrette presentations
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