Residential Energy Score Project

Wouldn't it be great to understand a home's energy efficiency like a car's miles per gallon? The Residential Energy Score Project aims to solve this problem in Tompkins County
About the Project

The Residential Energy Score Project (RESP) is a first-of-its kind project that is seeking to create strong market demand for energy efficiency in existing houses and, by extension, to reduce utility costs for homeowners, to increase energy literacy, and to help promote the county's sustainability goals.

RESP is a partnership of the Town of Caroline, Danby, Ulysses, and Ithaca, the City of Ithaca, Tompkins County, and Cornell Cooperative Extension. Project funding for the planning phase of this project, which resulted in the Tompkins Residential Energy Score Program and Implementation Plan (available for download below), was provided by NYSERDA, through the Cleaner Greener Communities program.

The project aims to create a voluntary program where homeowners could get a home energy score that could be shared with prospective buyers, tenants, or other interested parties. We are developing a local label that will give homeowners and prospective home-buyers information about the energy efficiency of the physical structure of a home, including the heating system, air sealing, and insulation.

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Tompkins Residential Energy Score Program and Implementation Plan - Final

Latest News

The Tompkins Residential Energy Score Program and Implementation plan was endorsed by all five partner municipalities. The Program is to be implemented as soon as funding allows. The project team is currently exploring options for a program host and funding sources. 

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