New Neighborhood Code: adopted code and drafts

Adopted New Neighborhood Code

9 November 2020

Earlier drafts

2.0 | 30 July 2020

Clean / no tracking version

This version of the draft NNC is "clean", with no "redlines" showing changes from the last draft.

Tracking version

This version of the draft has visible tracking that shows substantive additions and changes from the previous online draft. 

There's no visible tracking for these changes.

•    Non-substantive changes for consistency or clarity in wording or presentation.
•    Updated and new graphics and photos.
•    Updated and new cross-references.
•    Updated and new article, section, and subsection numbers.
•    Fixed typos, punctuation, redundant wording that is redundant, and so on.

Because tracking interim additions, changes to additions, and the like can become cumbersome, there may be some discrepancies with the changes these "redlines" show.

1.0 | 18 September 2019