About the New Neighborhood Code

The proposed New Neighborhood Code will be an alternative development code that allows new compact, walkable, mixed use neighborhoods in areas close to the City of Ithaca and major employment centers -- a major goal of the Town's Comprehensive Plan.  

The New Neighborhood Code will also be easy to use, with simple instructions, plain English, and plentiful graphics explaining how to build a neighborhood or put up a fence.  It will be precise about design elements that are important to the community.  It will reform rules that now make it difficult to put property to productive use or build more affordable housing.  It will have a collaborative master planning process to ensure new neighborhoods are planned as a unified whole -- not piecemeal.  However, it uses an incremental approach that lets a neighborhood grow gradually and evolve naturally over the years. 

The New Neighborhood Code was drafted by Town of Ithaca staff, with the guidance of the New Neighborhood Code Working Group and Form Ithaca ↗.

The Town Board will be considering adoption of the New Neighborhood Code in the coming months.  Check back for updates as progress continues.