New Neighborhood Code

November 10, 2020: It's official!

The Town Board unanimously adopted the New Neighborhood Code (and related amendments to the Town's current zoning and subdivision codes) at their meeting on Monday, November 9. 

Want to learn more about the New Neighborhood Code and what it does?  Check out the links on the right, or read or download a copy.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

What's the New Neighborhood Code all about?

The 2014 Town of Ithaca Comprehensive Plan envisions compact, walkable mixed use neighborhoods in emerging growth areas close to major employers and activity hubs.  

The New Neighborhood Code is the next step in bringing the community's vision to life.  It's a form-based zoning and design code that will be the framework for planning and building great new neighborhoods  places with a wide variety of housing choices, networks of pedestrian-friendly streets, main streets with shops and services, and parks and gathering places a short walk away.   

The New Neighborhood Code is user friendly, using plain English and colorful graphics that describe how to build a neighborhood or just put up a fence.  It has a collaborative master planning process to ensure new neighborhoods are planned as a unified whole, not piecemeal.  However, it uses an incremental approach that lets a neighborhood grow and evolve naturally over time. 

The New Neighborhood Code offers an alternative to the Town's current development regulations, with tools that are better suited to building new complete neighborhoods.   The Town's current zoning and subdivision regulations aren't going away, and existing zoning won't change when the Town adopts the New Neighborhood Code.