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Pay Bills Online

Property Taxes Online
Residents can view, print and pay on line.
  • Tax Bills are mailed December 31st and are due by January 31st without penalty.
  • After the 31st, one percent is added per month on the full balance until paid.
  • Billing questions contact Debbie Kelly at 607-273-1721 ext. 114 .
  • For questions regarding: Exemption requirements (STAR, Senior, Veteran, and Disability) or changes in your billing address or contact information, please contact Tompkins County Assessment at 607-274-5517

    School Taxes LINK 
Water and Sewer Bill Online
Residents can view and pay on line
You need your account number.
  • Quarterly Water & Sewer Bills are sent out March 1st, June 1st, September 1st, and December 1stBillings do not follow a "calendar" year.  On October 15th, any unpaid balances are re-levied onto that property's Town and County Tax bill to reconcile accounts back at zero.  
  • Payments are due in person/drop box or postmarked by the 30th of the month without penalty. (Regardless of whether there are 31 days in the month)
  • A 10 percent penalty is added after the 30th.
ONLINE SYSTEM Shuts down on the the 30th of each month for approximately 10 days to allow for reconciliation of paid accounts prior to adding the late payment amounts to the system. 
  • For billing/payment questions - Debbie Kelley at 607-273-1721 ext. 114
  • For name and address changes - Bolton Point at 607-277-0660 ext. 230

Online payments are by a third party provider and there is a fee.

Mail payment to PO Box 7143, Ithaca, NY 14851 or use the drop box at Town Hall - Buffalo St entrance. Recurring payments based on the bill itself is not available; however, you can estimate your bill and set up a recurring payment through your bank/credit union pay system and any over payment is applied to the next billing cycle.