Code Enforcement

The Building and Code Enforcement is a major function  for a municipality. The enforcement of state building and fire codes and local zoning and land use ordinances involves code reviews, issuing building and demolition permits, conducting inspections, and issuing Certificates of Occupancy. In addition, the Town issues Operating Permits to all residences with three or more dwelling units, provides public education, coordinates with other Town staff and County departments.

The Code Enforcement Department processes variance and interpretation applications for the Town of Ithaca Zoning Board of Appeals.

If you have any questions regarding Building and code enforcement, please call (607) 273-1783 between 8am and 4pm, Monday through Friday or by fax at (607) 273-1704. or email

An online version of the Town of Ithaca Code Book is available here.

An Online Version of the New York Building Code and other information is available at New York State Division of Code Enforcement and Administration.