Agriculture Committee

The Agriculture Committee is a group of farm operations in the Town of Ithaca appointed by the Town of Ithaca Town Board. The purpose of the Agriculture Committee includes advising the Town Board regarding agricultural policy in the Town, taking an active role in the implementation and review of the Town’s Agriculture and Farmland Protection Plan, serving as a clearinghouse for relations between farm operations and the Town government, and providing educational resources for farmers and Town residents and officials.


Steep Hollow Farm (Christianne M. Whiter)

Tree Gate Farm (Sharon Tregaskis )

Sweyolakan Farm (Jamie Baker)

Laughing Goat Fiber Farm (Lisa Ferguson- Vice-Chair )

Forest Family Farm (Claire Forest)

A.J. Teeter Farm (Debbie Teeter-Chair)

Ithaca Equestrian Center (Russ Wedemeyer)

Lance Ebel - associate member

Casper’s Farm (Michael Casper)

The Agriculture Committee meets at least four times each year: January 29 at 6pm, March 26 at 6pm July 30 at 7pm and November 19 at 6pm in the Aurora Conference Room of Town Hall, 215 North Tioga Street, Ithaca, NY. 

For more information, or to learn how you can become a member of the Agriculture Committee, please contact Michael Smith, Senior Planner at 607-273-1747