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Town-Wide Sanitary Sewer System Evaluation to Start in September

posted Aug 30, 2018, 9:07 AM by Lisa Carrier-Titti



The Town of Ithaca Public Works Department will be conducting a town-wide sanitary sewer system evaluation beginning in September and expected to go through November.  An Evaluation Team will be conducting onsite assessments of each manhole within the sewer system.  This team may consist of several members at any given time and all will be wearing high-visibility vests and identification. 

 There will be no disruption to sewer service during this time.

 Manholes are located within roadways, side and rear yards of residences, and in open fields or wooded areas throughout the town. 

 In some cases, access to and from portions of the sanitary sewer system will be done via existing easements granted to the Town.  (Please refer to attached Easement Policy). 

 Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact Daniel Thaete-Town Engineer, 607-273-1656.


Easement Policy


Water and sewer easements are utilized in a number of ways for maintenance purposes, including the following reasons:

·         For access of equipment (excavators, loaders, backhoes, trucks and trailers), materials (pipe, gravels, valves), and manpower to repair, replace and maintain infrastructure, etc.

·         For cleaning of sanitary sewer mains and manholes

·         For flushing of water mains and operations of valves

·         For inspections of infrastructure (manholes, PRV pits, control buildings, pump stations) which may require the cutting or removal of tall grass, brush, and trees


Maintenance of these easements is the key to preventing crisis situations when problems arise with the utility. In maintaining these utilities, providers could avoid bigger problems of accessibility during the night, environmental impacts, and mass outages of vital utilities.

Items or conditions not allowed within easements:

·         Permanent structures or improvements, including foundations retaining walls, fences, garages, sheds, play equipment/structures, decks, trees or large shrubs, or other features that impede  vehicle access along easement

·         Private electrical services, buried irrigation systems

·         Placement of fill or regrading of property that increases/decreases the cover over the pipes or buries/exposes manholes, valves or cleanouts

Items or conditions allowed within an easement;

·         Semi-permanent improvements, including landscaping/gardens, decorative walls, walkways. These items should be easily and quickly removable; however they may be damaged during access for maintenance, inspection or repairs.