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More Snow! Manage obstacles in the ROW

posted Feb 15, 2021, 7:34 AM by Town of Ithaca   [ updated Feb 23, 2021, 7:21 AM ]
A major issue during snow removal operations are trash and recycling bins being placed in the rights-of-way (ROW) during and immediately after snow events.  Road crews work hard to clear our roads as quickly as possible and follow up after the event.  Please help them by delaying putting trash and/or recycling bins out during snow events and directly after, and if you must, please put them in your driveway, in far enough not to hamper road clearing efforts.  These containers become a hazard for our drivers when they are placed in the ROW and blow into the street or are pushed into the culverts by snow clearing operations.

Thank you in advance!
Town Crews

PLEASE think ahead and when at all possible, park off the roads to allow our crews the space and safety to clear the roads.  This protects us, and your car.  If your car is inhibiting snow removal, it may be towed at your expense.  These plows pick up snow and move snow; parking on the street and any damage that could occur from that moving snow is your liability.  Why risk it?!  Work with your neighbors, share driveways for a day, decide on one side of the street to park on when it is absolutely necessary.  We want to get the roads clear for your safe travel. Please help us help you.